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RM Acelect Engineering Pte Ltd
3016A Ubi Road 1
  • Roadwork Services
  • Drainage Services
  • Lighting Services
  • Security Surveillance Systems
  • Air-conditioning, Heating & Ventilation
  • Electrical Services
  • General Contractors
8am to 6pm
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R. Suresh
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Awards And Licences

  • BCA CR01 Single Grade
  • BCA ME01 L1
  • BCA ME04 L1
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Description Of Services Provided

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Air-Conditioning Service

RM AcElect Engineering Pte Ltd Provide Professional Aircon Services in Singapore

We provide reliable aircon services, such as aircon repairs, maintenance, chemical

cleaning, chemical, wash, aircon installation and aircon gas top up. Find out more about all

the aircon services we provide.

Residential & Commercial Aircon Services: We provide professional air-con services

for both residential and commercial aircon systems. All our air-con technicians are

experienced and trained.

Air-con Brands we specialise in: We specialise in aircon servicing and repair services

for air-con brands such as

Daikin,Panasonic,Mitsubishi,LG,Fujitsu,Carrier,Sanyo,Sharp,Toshiba and etc.

Air Conditioning System Services: We provide air-con services for all air conditioning

systems. The air-con systems we support includes split system aircon, cassette ceiling air

conditioner, inverter air conditioner, casement window air conditioner, portable air-con and

commercial air conditioners. No job is too small for us and we are more than competent

to get the work done!

With no hidden fees, reliable aircon services and best aircon service rates, what are

you waiting for? Contact us for a no-obligation FREE online instant quotation today!

Contact us at Hp: 9126 0462 / 8146 1381 Tel: 6743 0630


RM AcElect Engineering Pte Ltd - One Stop Complete Integrated

Security Solution Provider

RM AcElect Engineering Pte Ltd is a leading provider of complete integrated security solutions and

services in Singapore.

Our comprehensive security solutions ranges from Access Control Systems, Surveillance Systems

(CCTV), Monitoring Solutions, Communications Solution such as People Announcement System and

Audio Visual Intercom, Home Automation & Security, enhanced with Extra Low Voltage Solutions to

advanced security sensitive solutions. Our clientele encompasses a broad spectrum of industries such

as retail, manufacturing, commercial, education, financial and more.

To better support our customers beyond our wide-ranging services, RM AcElect Engineering Pte Ltd has

incorporated additional business arms to provide 24/7 standby team, security system maintenance,

certified installation specialist and additional manpower resources.

Access Control

With increasing crime rates and occurrence of terrorism activities happening any day and anytime of the

year, Access Control Solution has become one of the most inevitable security solutions.


This digital video solution will allow on-site monitoring as well as video playback; with the virtual

surveillance system in place, you can better concentrate on the business productivity and profitability.

Keeping an eye on your properties or facilities is just a screen away.


Inevitably there will be unforeseen lapse on most security systems due to human error. To minimize

such error and as a prevention, RM AcElect Engineering Pte Ltd recommends our Monitoring Solutions,

either as a standalone or integrated into existing systems.


Communicating is a vital aspect of having a security system in place. In the case of a life-threatening

emergency, how can you send a broadcast message to everyone? To deter suspicious individuals from

entering your compound where access control is no longer feasible, what can you have in place?

Home Automation & Security

An ideal Home Automation system would allow you to be in complete control, from unlocking the door,

switching on the lights and appliances to turning them off at the ease of your finger tips.


Detailed description of the RM Acelect Engg Pte Ltd business activities

Our Services

RM Acelect Engineering Pte Ltd provides the following services:

Air-conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works

The installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs of air-conditioning, refrigeration, cold

rooms, and ventilation systems.

1. Air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation services

- Design, install, repair and maintenance of DX split unit, water-cooled

package unit, chilled water system, computer room air conditioners

- ACMV system design and application

- ACMV testing and commissioning service

- ACMV heat load calculation

- ACMV system preventive maintenance program and service

- Cold Room and Chiller Room design and application

- Indoor Air Quality design and validation

- Robotic duct cleaning and sanitation

- Mechanical ventilation for kitchen, car park, toilet, lobby and staircase

2. Electrical services

- Switch board and control panel

- PLC control

- Starter panel

- Electrical works

3. Other services

- Customized PVC curtain strip

- Remote/BMS monitoring system

- Drafting

- Handyman service

4. Minor Construction

-Works Minor building and civil engineering works that are not governed by the Building Control

Act such as drainage, minor road works, aprons and minor A & A.

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