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10 Anson Road # 10-11 International Plaza Singapore 079903
  • Pest Control Services
9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
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Stephen Lee
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National Environment Agency License No. NEA53208118L
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Professional Pest Control Services

EndTimesPest is a professional pest control company in Singapore. Our pest management professionals have more than a decade of experience in the pest control service industry. When you hire us for a pest control service, you get more than ten years of real experience, knowledge and the expertise to resolve your pest infestation problems immediately and wisely.

Safe and Secure Pest Control Services
We’re also professionally trained and certified to execute Hazardous Substances for immediate or emergency pest control services. At EndTimesPest, we provide safe solutions by using latest revolutionary pest control products that are highly effective for managing a broad range of both indoor and outdoor pests in your property. Safety is one of our main priorities, whenever our specialist conducts pest control services in your property. When we apply pest control products, it‘ll be placed effectively onto targeted potential habitats and harbourage areas which will be out of reach from your family, staff and your pets.

High Quality Pest Control Application
EndTimesPest uses high quality chemical products when performing pest control services in your property. Whenever, it is necessary to apply insecticide residual spraying, this pest control treatment will be professionally applied and it’ll not produce any strong chemical smell, it is odourless. The long lasting active ingredients of the insecticide will not cause any stains, corrosion and doesn't even damage furniture or any surfaces in your property. EndTimesPest chemical products are registered and licensed under the National Environment Agency of Singapore. (NEA53208118L).

In addition, you get a number of benefits including:

 • Safe and secure services
 • Faster response in urgent situation 
 • Professional services made affordable
 • Guaranteed professional pest control services
 • Proven field performances with immediate results
 • Value added pest treatment without additional charges

Book now for an appointment and you'll never be disappointed!

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