We send you customer requests. You choose when to quote.

Pegaxis helps you find customers and grow your business. The process is simple. Customers tell us about their needs and we send you the details of their requests (for free)! If it looks like a fit, you respond with a quotation and work out details with the customer.

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We send you customer requests.

  • Property managers log onto Pegaxis looking to engage service providers for their properties.
  • They answer specific questions about their requirements.
  • We review every request to ensure its legitimacy.

You decide what project you like.

  • We send the project request to experienced service providers like you by e-mail.
  • If you are interested in the project, you can respond by sending a quotation.


Submit your quotation.

  • Your quotation will include your price estimates, cost breakdown and work methodology.
  • Property managers can view your quotation and your profile page which includes your qualifications and any past work reviews.

Get hired, and commence work.

  • The property manager and decision makers compares submitted quotations and decides who to award the project to.
  • You and the property manager work out the details through Pegaxis, over the phone or in person.


Write clear and professional quotations.


They say first impressions count, and your quotation is the property manager's first impression of your company! So be sure to make it a great one! Address any issues raised and respond to their specific needs. Provide a competitive quotation and be clear with your cost breakdown and scope. Finally, pay attention to the details, address your customer by name, be sure to avoid spelling or grammatical mistakes and always sign off your name at the end.

Reserve a slot to submit your quotation.


Pegaxis only allows up to 10 service providers to submit quotations for any project on a first-come-first-serve basis. To reserve a quotation slot, go to the project details page and click the "CLICK TO CONTACT CUSTOMER" button. You do not have to submit your quotation immediately. You may wish to contact the property manager or attend the site inspection before preparing your quotation. Just ensure you submit your quotation before the tender closing date!

Get reviews.


Service providers with even one positive review stand a higher chance of getting hired than a service provider without reviews. Property managers we spoke to share with us that reviews play a big role in their decision making process of who to recommend. Take time to request for reviews. Nobody is perfect but credible reviews are always going help you stand a better chance for future projects.

Build an amazing profile.


Property managers are always looking for experienced and quality service providers. Your profile is the first place where they get to assess if you are the right service provider for the project. Exhibit what you can do by including images or past work, certifications and qualifications you have racked up over the years and a detailed description of the services you provide. All these work to build up trust they can have with you. It is the first step, but definitely one of the most important ones.

Don't give up!


Many service providers have seen growth to their business by simply responding consistently to project requests. For many, it did not begin with a hire on their first try, but eventually they did see success. You can succeed too! Be persistent and willing to experiment to figure the winning formula. Perhaps you can write different types of messages or select project requests that are better aligned with your work. Once you figure out what works for you, you will be greatly surprised by the results.

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