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Pegaxis Credits

What are Pegaxis Credits?

Pegaxis uses a Pay to Quote system where you buy Pegaxis Credits and use them to contact customer and submit quotations. Pegaxis does not charge commission on projects you win through the Pegaxis marketplace.

How to buy Pegaxis Credits?

Each Pegaxis Credit cost S$1, but discounts are available when purchasing Pegaxis Credits in packs.

Credit packages

You can buy Pegaxis Credits by logging into your Pegaxis account and following the following steps:

Step 1: Log into Pegaxis and click Top-Up on the top right of the page.


Step 2: Select the Package(s) and click Add to Cart

Add to cart

Step 3: Confirm your purchase in the cart.


Step 4: Select Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer or Cheque and input the necessary information.


Step 5: Click Pay.

How do I contact the customer?

If you are keen on submitting a quotation for any project, you will have to click the “CLICK TO CONTACT CUSTOMER” button to obtain the customer information.

After clicking the button, you will receive a message which will tell you how many Pegaxis Credits are required to contact the customer.

Customer info

Buy the lead to submit a quotation

With Pegaxis, you pay only when you want to contact the customer by clicking the “Yes” button.

You will be able to submit your quotation on Pegaxis after you contact the customer.

If you don’t have sufficient Pegaxis Credits, we will prompt you to top up after you click the “Yes” button. If you have questions about how to purchase Pegaxis Credits, please see above.

Buy lead

How many Pegaxis Credits do I need to use to buy a lead?

Because the budget and scope is different for each project, the number of Pegaxis Credits required to contact the customer will change with each request.

Check out our article on Lead Cost to learn more about lead pricing.

Credits required

How can I find my current Pegaxis Credits balance?

You can view your Pegaxis Credit balance and purchase history by going to your Wallet. Pegaxis Credits never expire, so you can use them at the right pace for you and your business.

Credits balance

Service Provider Referral Program

Get 25 Pegaxis Credits when you refer a service provider to us. Every time a new Pegaxis service provider signs up with your unique referral code, they will receive 50 Pegaxis Credits as a welcome gift! Once they buy their first lead, your free 25 Pegaxis Credits will be automatically credited to your account balance.

Credits referral program

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