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Payment Terms

For MCSTs, property owners and property managers, posting requests for quotations and obtaining quotations on the Pegaxis property services marketplace platform (“Platform”) is free.
In order to sustain the long-term growth of Pegaxis, we charge vendors and service providers on either a Pay-per-Lead model or Success Fee model. The vendor and service providers will be informed of the applicable model before the submission of the quotation for the respective project. 
A) Pay-per-Lead Model
This means that service providers will buy Pegaxis Credits and use these credits to submit quotations. 
The cost of the customer leads will depend on two factors:
(1) Demand for the customer lead; and 
(2) Estimated value of the project. 
For more information, please visit our information page on Pegaxis Credits and how our Pay-per-Lead system works to learn more.
B) Success Fee Model
Vendors and service providers who are successfully awarded projects shall pay a success fee based on the total value of the contract to Pegaxis Pte. Ltd. upon the award of the contract in the following manner:

Contract Value (S$) 

Commission Rate (%)

Amount of Commission (S$)

0 – 10,000

0 – 500

10,001 – 50,000


500 – 2,000

50,001 – 500,000


2,000 – 15,000

More than 500,000


Not less than 15,000

Upon the award of the contract, the number of Pegaxis Credits equivalent to the amount of success fee payable shall be deducted from the respective service provider's account. In the event there is insufficient Pegaxis Credits, payment can be made in the following manner:
  1. Topping up of Pegaxis Credits
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Cheque
If vendors or service providers choose to be invoiced separately for the success fee, the bonus Pegaxis Credits offered in the various packages will not be given.
Please note that vendors and service providers will not be able to participate in project tenders if the account has a negative number of Pegaxis Credits.
If you have any queries, please contact us at 9457 6058 or hello@pegaxis.com

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