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Lead Cost

The number of Pegaxis Credits required to purchase a customer lead is as follows:

Lead cost

For smaller projects, we charge a refundable lead cost as a token of commitment from you. This sieves out those who are not serious on quoting for the particular project and ensures quality quotations for the property managers

For large projects, our prices are aligned with the prices of tender documents issued by the clients, which typically range from S$50 to S$150

Rationale: Value is a Two-Way Street

The industry's smartest people told us a commission-based model was the only way to go. The problem? The nature of services provided are in-person transactions; And if we cannot reliably know what's going on, we cannot accurately charge a commission

We then considered a subscription model. It was super easy to understand, but ultimately unsustainable. We want to make sure you only pay for the value (and contracts) we deliver to you

After many months of consideration, we concluded that the best model is the Pay-per-lead model we have today. What matters to service providers like you is flexibility and a profitable return, and so we are giving you exactly that. It is simple. Plus, it let us guarantee our property managers high quality quotations from service providers who are serious about providing a great service

The beautiful thing about our marketplace is that all everyone's incentives are aligned. We are only successful when our service providers are successful and our property managers are delighted – and that's the way we like it

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