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Pegaxis is trusted by many property managers and more than 300 estates in Singapore

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Our Process

One-stop Online Procurement and Management Platform

Maximise value and transparency when engaging service providers

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Take a few minutes to tell us what you need. Get more than 3 quality quotations in just 3 days.

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Compare quotations and service provider profiles.

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3Vote & Hire

You decide on the service provider with the most competitive quotation.

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Communicate and send work updates in an organised manner.

Our Features

Revolutionising the Way that Work Gets Done

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Virtual Workspaces

No more scattered collaboration efforts.
Our platform provides a central hub for task management, information sharing, increased visibility and improved planning.

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Mobile Notifications

Stay in the loop when you are on the road with our mobile-optimised application. Never miss an important update again!

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Data Logging

Documented processes for maximum transparency and accountability among the various stakeholders. Gain valuable insights into team performance.

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Structured Processes

Efficient processes that flow with how you work naturally - from getting quotations to managing work progress.

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Private Cloud

All your documents maintained in an easily retrievable and secure fashion. Reduce physical storage and printing.

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Online Procurement

Hire the most value for money service providers in the most transparent and efficient manner.

Your Benefits

Benefits of integrated collaboration

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Significant improvement in productivity

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Ensure greater transparency and alignment of interest among stakeholders

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Simple, quick communication across physical boundaries

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Easy access to all files, data and project information

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Reduce unnecessary email and SMS traffic

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Faster response time and less waiting time

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What is Pegaxis?

Pegaxis is a property management platform seeking to transform the procurement and management of property management related services. The tools we have created provide condominiums with the much-needed framework to help keep track of projects - lending efficiency, accountability and transparency to the exchange of information that translates into significant time and cost savings.

By centralising the procurement workflow on Pegaxis, the process of obtaining quotations for the various property management services required by the property is much more organised and trackable. Property management companies can now procure the best service providers for their condominiums and commercial properties and better manage multiple ongoing projects. Condominium management councils can also track the whole procurement process and take control of the condominium’s expenditure.

With Pegaxis, you can now manage smarter.

Ready to manage smarter?

Let us show you how Pegaxis will be able to increase the productivity of the team managing your property.
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